Character Creation

The campaign will begin at second level (and level up quickly, so plan for it) in Dreadhold. The group will escape and become pirates in the first session (think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Robinson Crusoe…with a healthy dose of Indiana Jones). Your background should lead to this prison and include reasons for maintaining life primarily in the Lhazaar Principalities.

  • Starting gear – plan to start without any gear in your possession, but provide a list of gear to obtain quickly in game. Pick gear as if a first level character to be attained in game shortly after the start. Make sure to also make a short list of items you desire so that I may make them available in game as makes sense.
  • Ability Scores – Stats will be player choice of two methods: 4d6 drop the lowest six times or point buy, straight out of the Player’s Handbook. (Sample stats: 15, 14, 14, 10, 10, 8)
  • Sources Permitted – Allowed content is any official stuff. If you want to look outside of the WotC stuff, I need to see it. If it is outside of the Player’s Handbook, please make me aware so that I can read up on it.
  • Character Background – You need to fill out a questionnaire about your character. You are free to write more information to accompany it, but please fill this out as a minimum. Every question does not need to be answered in depth, but I would hope you give them all thought. This is to benefit you.

The above list is not necessarily all inclusive, but is plenty enough for everyone to get started (and all I can think of at the moment).

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Character Creation

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