Escape from Dreadhold Part 1

You take your partially full container back to the cart and in mere seconds everyone is on their way. A little while goes by and when crossing the suspended bridge, the cart stops. Why is it so quiet? You can’t hear the wheels on the tracks. You can’t hear the voices of the guards. You can’t hear anything, when…

Sleep Spell

and then


The bridge explodes from underneath you. Most everyone falls into the water. Guards corral some prisoners and some prisoners start swimming for the rowboat off in the distance. You notice at least half of the guards are dead, some face down in the water, others in pieces among the rubble.

There are numerous dead prisoners about as well. Notably, one of which is Thraxis, the tattooed, human, Artificer. One of the shadowy figures in the rowboat dives in toward Thraxis and teleports him to the boat, followed by carving off some of his tattooed flesh. Those nearby hear the shadowed figured exclaim “it is just as Elliam’s Journal said it would be!”

One of the other female prisoners barely makes it to the boat in time to get settled before it submerges and goes into what seems to be an underwater tunnel. This rowboat magically held water away from it and was capable of submerging! This is something you have never even heard of happening before…

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Escape from Dreadhold Part 1

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