The Silver Flame

The Silver Flame
Alignment LG
Domains Exorcism, Good, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon longbow

The Silver Flame is the quintessentially pure abstract entity of goodness and law. Closely associated with Tira Miron, the Voice of the Silver Flame, all those wishing to communicate with the flame must speak through Tira for the purity of the flame is too great for any mortal to hope to achieve. The Church of the Silver Flame follows the direction of the Silver Flame and focus primarily on eradicating supernatural forms of evil across Khorvaire and beyond.

The Silver Flame was born during the Age of Demons, when the couatls combined the souls of their race into a spiritual force that could bind even the Overlords.

The faith of the Silver Flame is the dominant religion of Thrane.

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The Silver Flame

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