Escape From Dreadhold

Our campaign begins in your cell:

(alternative cell)

Life in prison is monotonous. You have spent your time here mostly in the damp, dark recesses of Dreadhold. The tray that appears at the base of your cell door once a day contains a stale piece of bread and slop, or gruel, or something. You really aren’t sure what it is. You just know that you would give anything for some spices or a prestidigitation spell.

The only times the oil lamp in you cell has been lit, is when you were forced to leave for days on end to go mine for dragonshards. The backbreaking labor was nice to be reminded there are other people in this world, but taxing on your body, to say the least.

Today, was one of those days. You awoke to the sounds of your door being opened, the lamp being lit, and the blinding light making it impossible to ascertain how and where to walk…but the club with a half-swing to the leg reminds you that you have no choice.

You make your way down the hall to the cart. Like usual, there are a number of prisoners in the carts to go with you. Maybe two dozen or so. You pile into the carts with one guard for each cart and head down the shaft for what seems like hours.

You arrive at your destination and are given a pick and thrust into a narrow corridor. You and a handful of others are much deeper down the corridor than the others. Work begins and goes on for hours. The guards pace back and forth to watch what is happening. Seeing one every few minutes becomes routine and you lose track of time. Your container is about half way filled when a guard comes back and rushes you to the cart. This is odd. You have not heard of this ever happening before.

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Escape From Dreadhold

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